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Hello and welcome to the blog for 3 Magicians! Progress had been put on hold for a while now, but I am starting it up again as of today (Sept 16th 2012). I'm not making promises of when it will be done, but it will be done eventually :-)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Character Sketches!

 Here are some little sketches of my 3 Magicians.  The character designs were finalized a couple of years ago based off the concept of my little brothers and I as matryoshka dolls.  However, since I plan on starting production again next month I've been coming up with lots of little story pieces about my heroes that veer away from the original designs.  These little visual development pieces explore the characters personalities a little more.  All of the vignettes I've been doing take place in the enchanted pine woods in the first house I lived in when we moved to Augusta, GA.  At that age the creek and woods behind our house were mysterious and magical.  I love the idea of sharing the magic of that place and bringing it to life. Hope you enjoy these little sketches.  There are a lot more coming so stay tuned!

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chengwhich said...

haha, these designs are adorable!!